St Mary's Blenheim

St Mary's Blenheim

The school uniform is a very important part of St Mary’s School, Blenheim. It represents past, present and future students. Being the only Catholic school in Blenheim the uniform also represents the Parish community we are part of. All students need to wear the correct uniform at all times; to and from school and during the school day. 








Black softshell jacket (with school logo) *

Tartan culotte *

Grey shorts **

White blouse, short sleeved (with school logo) *

Poloshirt, short sleeved (with school logo)*

Black T bars or Black lace up school shoes **

Black lace up school shoes **

Black ankle socks ** 

Black socks, white stripe *



Jersey (with school logo) *

Vest (with school logo) *


Terms 1 and 4 

Black Bucket Hat (with school logo)*

Maroon sun hat ** (compulsory) - till at the end of 2020

Black leather roman sandals ** (optional)


Terms 2 and 3


Black over the knee socks or black tights **

Sports Uniform 


Polo shirt (with school logo) *

Plain black shorts **

Soft-soled sports shoes **



Hair: black, maroon or white

Jewellery: stud earrings, small solid gold or silver 

Necklaces with spiritual or cultural significance 

NO: other jewellery, any makeup, boots, sports shirts, visible t-shirts or skivvies

ORDER FORM available here OR from the School Office 

** available from local retailers (i.e. The Warehouse, Farmers)